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Large Windows: Your Guide To Picking The Right Window Treatments For Your Home

Window treatments are an important aspect of any home decor. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room but also serve a functional purpose by providing privacy and controlling light and temperature. Choosing the right window treatment can be a daunting task, especially if you have small or large windows. At Letters from Luke, we offer expertise that you can use when considering window coverings for your home or business. In our last blog, we explored the different uses and benefits of draperies and curtains. Today, we will discuss some of the best window treatment options for large and inaccessible windows.

For large windows, it’s important to choose window treatments that can physically be made large enough to cover the entire window and provide an adequate level of privacy and light control. In addition, choosing window coverings that aesthetically work in large spaces is important. For example, large window openings should be matched with larger slats, louvers, cell sizes, and patterns.

Full-length curtains or drapes are a good choice for large windows. They can be made from a variety of materials, including fabric, velvet, and silk, and come in a range of colors and patterns. Remember to match large window openings with large patterns. Small patterns on your drapes can make the window look busy. Heavy Duty drapery hardware and additional support brackets will likely be necessary. Be sure to follow your retailer’s guidance on both matters.

If you want a more timeless look for your large windows, you can opt for shutters. They are made from slats of wood or composite material that can be easily adjusted to control light and privacy. Similar to draperies, additional support mechanisms call “T posts” and Divider Rails” will likely be necessary. Remember, choose larger louver sizes in larger windows. Most manufacturers offer 3.5” and 4.5” louver sizes. When in doubt, go larger than smaller. The same rationale applies to cellular shades (cell size) and blinds (slat size).

If you would like to achieve a more modern look, roller shades are a great option. Some manufacturers can produce roller shades 20’ wide and 12’ tall or even larger in some cases. In cases where one roller shade won’t cover your entire window opening, you can pursue multiple shades in one window opening or a 2on1 headrail approach (two fabric panels that roll up and down but are connected in the middle).

For inaccessible windows (which includes large windows in many cases), it’s important to choose lift systems that accommodate your desired operation. For example, if you have windows that reach to the ceiling and it’s important to be able to open your window coverings all the way, you should consider cord loop or motorized lift systems. Cordless lift systems, while great in general, don’t work well with large window applications because you must be able to touch the window covering to move it up or down. Cord loop systems stay in place and rotate around a clutch at the edge of your product. Motorized lift systems remove cords entirely and are a surefire way to control window treatments that you can’t reach.

If you have windows that sit behind pieces of furniture or over stairwells and would like to operate them, you almost must rely on motorization or automation for a lift system. Doing so allows you to control your window treatments even if you are not able to physically reach them.

In conclusion, when covering large or inaccessible window coverings, it’s important to choose products that inherently perform well at large sizes, to choose large design features to match the size of the opening, and to choose a lift system that allows you to effectively operate the window treatments. Roller shades, shutters, and drapery controlled by cord loop or motorized lift systems are sure to be your best bet.

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Luke Schwartz is the Brand President of Bumble Bee Blinds. He and Stephen Vest, the owner of Bumble Bee Blinds’ founding location, come from families with more than 60 years of experience in the window covering industry. Each month, Luke shares this experience and perspective through informative blogs about the window covering industry to educate our customers about products, features, and questions to consider when buying window treatments. Regular readers hopefully won’t have to ask, “Where do I start?” when in the market for window coverings.