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Beautify any living space by installing stylish, mid-century modern window treatments. Oftentimes, mid-century modern architects create large, custom windows that pose a challenge for homeowners to decorate. To find out which window treatment will make an old pad pop, check out the following suggestions for help with even the most complicated windows.

What Is the Appeal of Mid-Century Modern Homes?

Popular from 1945 to 1975, the mid-century modern style worked with solid colors instead of elaborate motifs or floral patterns. Neutral details peppered around the house helped play up the look. Mid-century modern has recently made a strong comeback for a new generation of homeowners. Let’s find out why.

Undemanding Upkeep

This interior design genre requires little maintenance because its minimal decor and furniture lead to less cleaning. Easy maintenance for mid-century modern homes means a homeowner spends less money on upkeep. Plus, this type of home will save its owners lots of time that would otherwise go toward upkeep in other houses.

Room for Creative Input

Mid-century modernism adds subtle tones and textures to a home, which means the property owner can experiment and tweak design styles to their liking. Create simple elegance by mixing earth-themed decor with light-colored shades, or go for a rustic feel that welcomes everyone in. Mid-century modern homes can accommodate most of the best window treatments.

Spacious and Minimalist

Mid-century modernist designs appeal to a minimalistic taste by emphasizing open spaces and natural lighting with your window coverings. The unassuming decor has its own warm charm and an unpretentious ambiance. Even some of the latest window treatments suit a home with mid-century modern architecture and interior design elements.

How to Create a Mid-Century Modern Design

When creating a mid-century modern design, less is more. Some of its hallmarks include high functionality, combinations of synthetic and organic components, and simple curves or straight lines. The style’s emphasis on natural light and simplified decor make it accessible for almost everyone. Let’s review three easy steps that can assist in revamping a mid-century modern living room.

Step One: Keep It Simple

Uncomplicated, organic tones speak volumes when developing mid-century designs. Use clean lines, simple furniture, and organic shapes. Try indoor plants to bring the living room to life or incorporate geometric shapes to add character and visual interest. When deciding between two design elements, remember to keep it simple.

Step Two: Add Stark Contrasts

Even with neutral tones and hues in a home, it still makes a bold statement. Mix and match colors with high contrast, such as black edges or side panels with white drapes or shades. This effect will produce more texture and depth. Then, soften the whole effect with wooden elements.

Step Three: Bring in Earthy Elements and Natural Lighting

Nature-inspired schemes complement mid-century modern designs because they emphasize simplicity. Earthy elements soften the outlines so everything does not seem too rigid. Allow in lots of natural light so that it will aid in creating bright, open spaces.

6 Mid-Century Modern Window Treatments Ideas for Your Home

Windows serve as an essential part of any house. Besides bringing in daylight, windows also decorate and beautify a dwelling. We collected six great ideas for window treatments that will reinforce the mid-century modern style for any abode.

1. Roller Shades

Considered one of the best window treatments, roller shades add a tasteful feature to a room without appearing bulky or overdone. Their functionality also means that homeowners can regulate the amount of natural light that enters the room and achieve maximum privacy. Roller shades also include an automatic cordless system that improves safety for homes with small children.

2. Wood Blinds

Wood blinds accentuate mid-century modern windows and provide the perfect balance of functionality and warm, natural tones. Woven wood shades are also a great choice. If the room already has wood elements, choose a different wood tone for window coverings to create contrast and richness.

3. Cellular Shades

Although many homeowners forget about cellular shades, they offer many benefits that deserve recognition. Cellular shades serve as one of the most energy-efficient choices for window treatments. The shades prevent heat loss and can fit onto almost any type of window frame. Homeowners can also set up cellular shades horizontally or vertically.

4. Roman Shades

Roman shades add a chic, tasteful touch to mid-century modern homes. Choose from various fabrics and colors that filter light according to one’s preference. Cordless, motorized versions make it easy and safe to operate the shades. This type of window treatment has experienced a significant increase in popularity within mid-century modern homes.

5. Panel Track Blinds

Panel track blinds give a sleek look to a room. These blinds suit large, floor-to-ceiling windows because the panels come in various widths and lengths. Homeowners can even purchase custom variants. Easy operation of panels enables the user to open the blinds from any direction, even splitting them from the middle so they do not clump together on one side.

6. Sheer Curtains

The right choice of curtains will complement large windows and doors. However, picking the wrong color or fabric can overpower the rest of the room. Hiding the curtain rods and allowing the drape to hang will highlight the height of the ceiling. Sheer curtains also function to provide privacy for bedrooms, nurseries, and offices while allowing in some natural light.

Window Treatments for Mid-Century Modern Homes | Bumble Bee Blinds

Choosing the right window treatment will go a long way toward realizing the mid-century modern aesthetic that homeowners so desire. You should now have enough ideas and inspiration to choose the right mid-century modern window treatments! Contact Bumble Bee Blinds at (888) 541-1030 to schedule a consultation regarding the best window treatments for mid-century modern homes!