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Custom Window Treatments for Every Setting

Finding the perfect window treatments can be a challenge. You want quality, selection, and style. But where do you even begin to look? Bumble Bee Blinds, of course!

We offer an unmatched range of window coverings, ready to transform any home or business. And it all starts with a free design consultation. Our experts listen to your vision and recommend the ideal solutions for your space.

Plus, every purchase comes with professional installation and a warranty for a stress- and worry-free experience. From Blinds to Shutters and Shades, whatever your window treatment needs may be, Bumble Bee Blinds has you covered with function and style!

Find more details on the many product types we offer below:

Window Shades

Window shades are a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses due to their versatility and wide range of styles. Our selection includes custom shades, perfect for those seeking a unique look, and motorized shades, offering convenience at the touch of a button. For energy efficiency, consider our cellular shades, while Roman shades and sunscreen roller shades provide a stylish solution to manage sunlight.

Window Shutters

Window shutters add an element of classic elegance to any space. With our custom shutters, you can achieve a look that matches your personal style and décor. Plantation shutters offer a timeless appeal with their wide louvers, while our composite shutters are a durable and cost-effective option.

Window Blinds

Our extensive range of window blinds caters to all tastes and needs. Choose from custom blinds for a tailored fit, or opt for the high-tech convenience of motorized blinds. Vertical blinds are ideal for large windows, while wood blinds and vinyl blinds offer a blend of functionality and aesthetics. For added insulation, consider our cellular blinds.

Window Draperies & Curtains

Discover the endless decorative possibilities with our captivating collection of window draperies and curtains. Whether you prefer custom designs that reflect your unique taste or versatile panels, we've got it all covered. Complete your look by exploring our wide range of hardware options.

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments and smart home tech are transforming how we manage light and privacy in our homes and offices. With cutting-edge solutions operated through a remote or smartphone app, they provide a cordless alternative that prioritizes safety, especially for households with children. We offer expert guidance and products for home automation!

Outdoor Shades

Our outdoor shades are perfect for enhancing comfort and privacy in your outdoor living spaces. Patio shades, in particular, are a popular choice for their ability to provide shade and reduce heat. We have various options to protect against the sun while standing up to wind and rain, too!

Commercial Window Coverings

We also cater to commercial spaces with our range of commercial window coverings. Office blinds or solar shades, for instance, are a practical and professional choice for workplaces, offering light control and privacy.

Get Started On Your Custom Estimate

Bumble Bee Blinds offers simple and customer-focused processes. From our free design consultation to professional installation, we blend professional expertise with a personalized approach. Our visualizer tool will also be a huge help in the design stage, allowing you to see different styles and designs before making any final decisions.

To ensure a smooth experience for you, we're delighted to provide flexible financing options tailored to suit a range of budgets. This empowers you to purchase the window treatments you truly want without breaking the bank. 

We know how daunting window treatments can be – but remember, we're here. Dial (844) 387-1716 to schedule your free design consultation!

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  • Customized Solutions
    Window treatment solutions designed for your home’s unique needs and style.
  • Free Consultations
    Enjoy in-home consultations with our experts to determine the best solution for your home.
  • Professional Installation
    Our certified and trained installers will install your custom treatments on a schedule that works for you.
  • Prompt Communication
    Clear and prompt communication is the cornerstone for understanding your needs and bringing your vision to life.
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