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Expert Guide: Window Treatments with Plantation Shutters Explained

Create an elegant, approachable look for any living space by pairing plantation shutters with one of the most popular window treatments: curtains. Plantation shutters conjure up warm, welcoming hominess, while curtains add comfort and sophistication. Together, they combine to form one of the most functional, energy-efficient window treatments.

Should I Pair Plantation Shutters With Curtains? Pros and Cons

Homeowners often ask whether they should hang a curtain rod and pair curtains with white plantation shutters. They feel hesitant about layering window treatments because they do not want the two window treatments to clash. However, combining curtains and faux wood shutters almost always works. Find the pros and cons of plantation shutters paired with curtains below.


  • Neutral-colored shutters work with almost all playful, patterned curtains of any color
  • Curtains add texture and depth, contributing to a warm, mature ambiance
  • Homeowners can experiment with sheer curtains or blackout curtains


  • Does not suit most modern and minimalist interior designs
  • Requires more maintenance than curtains/plantation shutters alone

Choosing the Right Curtains for Plantation Shutters

Selecting the best curtains for historic plantation shutters proves rather easy if the shutters and window frame are neutral in color. White shutters work best for homeowners who find themselves thinking about adding curtains with vibrant patterns. As long as the curtains remain drawn during the daytime, even the busiest patterns can avoid overwhelming the room.

Taking referrals for professional help within the home can help homeowners avoid mistakes and create a room everyone flocks to when visiting. An experienced window treatment expert can expand on a homeowner’s existing ideas and execute them without encountering the most common, amateur mistakes.

Matching the colors of both window coverings also serves as a reliable strategy. Homeowners can go further and match the curtains, shutters, curtain rods, and window molding. This approach represents one of the easiest ways to create a cohesive look. Light, cool colors work best with white plantation shutters, while dark, warm colors complement stained wood shutters.

Select curtains that improve the functionality of the shutters. If the shutters let in a lot of light, choose curtains that minimize light transmission. Shutters that block out most of the light can be paired with sheer curtains to avoid making the room too dark. Homeowners may need to experiment to find curtains and shutters that work well together.

How To Pair Plantation Shutters With Curtains

When combining plantation shutters with curtains, homeowners should rely on proven strategies. New ideas are interesting and fun, but the novelty often wears off. Professionals use their knowledge and experience to avoid common pitfalls. Find three pro tips for coupling plantation shutters with curtains below.

Hanging Panel Curtains

Panel curtains work best with shutters because they provide access to the louvers when drawn. Other window treatments may block the shutters, making it difficult to open them. Avoid one-piece treatments with limited functionality, like Roman shades and roller shades. These shades will hang in front of the shutters, eliminating easy access to the tilt rods.

Achieve the Right Mount

When you pair plantation shutters with curtains, you need the right mount. To prevent the shutters and curtain from getting entangled, install a long curtain rod well above the top of the window. When open, the curtains should clear the shutters on both sides. Factor in the louver sizes to ensure you can still close the curtains while the shutters remain open.

Tiebacks Help

Install tiebacks to enhance the functionality and appearance of the curtains. Tiebacks keep curtains from blowing in the wind and make the window treatment look neat. Holdbacks serve as another option for homeowners who know they will want to cinch their curtains daily. Unlike tiebacks, which are made of fabric or rope, holdbacks are metal hooks mounted directly to the wall.

Pair Curtains With Plantation Shutters From Bumble Bee Blinds

Do you still feel uncertain about combining plantation shutters with curtains? Our window treatment experts draw upon years of experience to suggest the best possible combinations. Let us show you our portfolio of curtain and shutter combos. Call Bumble Bee Blinds at (402) 925-3112 to schedule a free consultation for your home.