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Popular Window Treatments 2024: The Latest Trends and Ideas

Take a sneak peek at the best window coverings for 2024! The right window treatments complement and accentuate a room’s decor. Simple, elegant curtains can set the perfect mood, and thick, traditional Roman shades make a room look stately. Check out these concepts and more as we try to find the top window treatment trends, ideas, and concepts for 2024 below.

2024 Trends in Window Coverings

Homeowners’ tastes in window treatments change with the seasons. What most consumers considered new and exciting last year may seem stale and overdone the following year. Let’s examine some of the latest trends in window coverings for 2024.

Earthy Neutrality

Rich earth tones and textured neutrals will enjoy a slight increase in favor among interior designers. Natural, organic materials and sustainable practices will remain at the forefront of many popular window treatments. Look for neutral earthiness to stay in fashion for a few years before starting a slow decline once alternatives emerge.

A Warm Welcome

Create a home you can not wait to get back to each day. Filtered, natural light and warm-colored window treatments can brighten up a home and create a welcoming environment to come home to after a long day at work. Cozy textures and yellow lighting attract guests, encouraging them to curl up on an oversized chair or sit by the coffee table for a chat.

Favor the Bold

Bold, new window treatments with eye-catching patterns and vibrant colors will begin to trend in 2024. Pump up the energy inside any room with geometric Roman shades or colorful roller shades. This year, many interior designers have been hanging curtains with tribal patterns and drapes with monograms.

5 Popular Window Treatment Ideas in 2024

Gain some inspiration for the top window covering ideas for 2024. Every season, a shift occurs in interior design. Sometimes, it influences which window treatments consumers purchase for their homes and offices. So, where do things stand this year? From Roman shades to interior shutters, here are the top five most popular window treatments for 2024.

1. Roman Shades

Roman shades remain a top choice for redesigns of living rooms, sunrooms, and outdoor spaces. The regal vision of a Roman shade gently twisting in a breeze proves more than most homeowners can resist.

2. Roller Shades

Roller shades deliver a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic and simple, practical functionality. Easy to use and available in a seemingly endless array of colors, textures, and styles, these types of shades have been one of the top window treatment ideas for the past few years.

3. Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades exploded in popularity because millions of homeowners decided to bring nature indoors as part of their interior designs. Lightweight and casual, woven wood shades create a welcoming environment in beach houses, cabins, and suburban homes.

4. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds fit windows with custom sizes and shapes easier than other treatments because their slats hang straight down rather than horizontally. These types of blinds also provide better control over how much natural light enters a room. They also suit large windows and sliding glass doors.

5. Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters came back into vogue a few years ago. In 2024, the popularity of these window treatments still appeals to homeowners. They prove sturdy enough to withstand minor impacts and can almost completely block the sun’s rays. All homeowners have to do is pick charming colors and designs that complement their existing decor.

Window Treatment Design Concepts for 2024

Window treatment design concepts gain and lose popularity with time. The latest shift toward layered window treatments with eco-friendly materials adds depth and extra light control without the guilt. The trend toward color matching and inside mounts represents a welcome change. Find the hottest window-covering concepts for 2024 below.

Layered Window Treatments

Layering window treatments offers more control over the amount of light filtering into a room. It also creates an opportunity to mix colors, textures, and opacities for greater depth and visual appeal. You can block light with a thick layer and flood the room with light using a sheer layer. Mix and match bold colors and different textures to add more dimension.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The rising trend in eco-friendly lifestyles among consumers has positively impacted the window treatment industry. Modern homeowners love incorporating organic materials like bamboo, real wood, and hemp into their window treatments. Consumers also choose jute, linen, and cotton fabrics for window coverings because they take less energy to create than synthetics and decompose naturally in the environment. Many manufacturers also make products from recycled materials to reduce the number of landfills.

Color Matching

Another popular design trend in interior design involves matching the color of the window coverings to the wall color. When blinds or shades mismatch with the walls, the contrast can create an unappealing color clash. Choose different tones of the same hue so all aspects of the room complement the others.

Inside Mount

Add a minimalistic touch to the house by mounting shutters, blinds, or shades inside the window frame. It creates a neat, tidy look while making a room appear more spacious. Inside mounts for window coverings serve as a cunning design trick for small rooms in any house. Plus, an inside-mounted window treatment is less likely to get damaged because everything fits inside the frame.

Window Covering Ideas for the Different Rooms of a House

Pick the perfect window treatment for every room in the house. Many window treatment ideas work better in some rooms than others. Sometimes, homeowners do not realize that fact until it’s too late. Let’s examine which window coverings work best for each room, one by one.

Living Room

Living rooms serve the essential purpose of a gathering place where everybody spends quality time together. Families use this room a lot, so they must consider insulation and privacy. Oftentimes, homeowners also want window treatments that regulate the light entering the room at all times of the day. Living rooms are the perfect place for homeowners to display their personal style, including the choice of furniture, decorations, and window coverings. If a living room has large windows, homeowners can also opt for custom window treatments.


Window coverings in a bedroom are almost as vital as bedsheets, mattresses, or pillows. Privacy and light control top the list of requirements that a bedroom window treatment should meet to increase comfort and functionality. Choosing blackout curtains or blinds in the bedroom ensures a good night’s rest. You can add drapes with subtle, muted colors as an extra layer. Electrically-powered blinds that open and close via a home automation system improve ease of use.


A house is not a home without a fully functional kitchen; it’s one of the most important rooms in the house. Families tend to congregate in the kitchen and may even eat their meals there in a pinch. As a result of high foot traffic and the effects of cooking, items in the kitchen tend to wear down faster than any other place in the house. When considering window coverings for the kitchen, durability against heat and moisture proves vital. Homeowners should choose easy-to-clean materials for the kitchen, like those used in composite shutters and aluminum blinds.


One of the main concerns regarding nurseries and children’s rooms is safety. Many tragedies have occurred because parents remained unaware of the dangers of blinds with cords. Cordless Roman shades and cellular shades eliminate the risk of strangulation for toddlers and small children. Parents can also install motorized window treatments for improved ease of use and safety.

Dining Room

While a dinette in a kitchen works for informal meals with family and close friends, dining rooms tend to create a more formal setting. Most people entertain distinguished guests in dining rooms where adding a touch of elegance seems appropriate. Window treatments like Roman shades or layered drapes create an opulent feel to a dining room. An extra feature, such as a valance or cornice box, can elevate the look. Other styles, such as woven wooden shades and wood blinds, also remain popular choices.

Home Office

The meteoric rise of the home office signals a new trend in window treatments for professionals who have decided to bring their work home. Home office window treatment ideas are evolving rapidly in response to the flood of at-home workers. However, some window coverings can create a workspace that replicates traditional offices, fostering productivity and concentration. Keeping the home office organized will contribute to a good start for each day. The furniture and design of the room should remain minimalistic to avoid clutter and distractions. For a healthy working space, install sheer curtains to allow natural light and fresh air to enter the room. Prevent the sun’s harsh glare on computers and work equipment by putting in some solar shades or window tinting films with UV protection.


The humidity in bathrooms poses a major problem when choosing the right window treatment. Privacy remains a top concern, as well. Faux wood blinds and vinyl shutters demonstrate excellent durability in humid conditions and provide plenty of privacy. They also require little work to clean them. To enhance the style of a bathroom, Roman or cellular shades will give that extra touch.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Window Treatments

When choosing between Roman shades, woven wood shades, sheer curtains, and other window treatment ideas, there are several factors that homeowners must consider. Privacy, light transmission, insulation, and style all factor into finding the perfect window covering.


Certain parts of the house, such as bedrooms or bathrooms, require more privacy than others. The right approach to window treatments can create a safe space from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors. Blinds and thick drapery panels will often do the trick. Other solutions involve applying a layer of film that mimics frost, stained glass, and other effects.

Light Transmission

Regulate how much natural light enters the room by choosing the perfect window covering. Window treatments come in different styles, fabrics, and thicknesses. If the homeowner wants optimal light control, they can hang curtains, blinds, or shutters in their window. Blackout window coverings will darken a room even during the day. And, smart home technology with a remote control provides even more command over the amount of light filtering into the room.


Picking the best window treatment will also provide insulation for the house. A cellular design moderates the room’s temperature, keeping it warm during winter and cool during the summer. Take the stress off of the HVAC system by installing curtains over cellular shades to reduce heat transfer even further.


Finding a window treatment style that matches the rest of the decor can tie a room together to create a cohesive aesthetic. Depending on the style of furniture, wall color, and other decorations, it might make sense to install energy-efficient faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, fabric shades, or honeycomb shades.


What is the trend in blinds in 2024?

The trend in blinds in 2024 is cordless blinds. As the hottest window treatment trend, cordless blinds continue to grow their market share due to their safety and ease of use. Parents can feel confident that the kids will remain safe in a room with cordless blinds. Plus, some cordless blinds allow the user to open them from either the top or bottom, providing extra light control.

What is the current trend in window treatments?

The current trend in window treatments is environmentally friendly materials. Some homeowners follow this trend by choosing the natural materials of woven wood shades or genuine wood blinds. However, the energy efficiency of faux wood blinds and vertical blinds results in a reduced carbon footprint over the life of the window covering.

What is the most popular type of window treatment?

The most popular type of window treatment is faux wood blinds. Their classic look, simple design, and long-lasting durability have made them the most popular kind of window covering for the last several years. Covered with PVC, faux wood blinds are the best option for homes in high-humidity climates.

The Perfect Window Treatments for 2024 | Bumble Bee Blinds

Now that you know the window treatment trends for 2024, you can decide which window covering is right for you. Our window covering experts can show you all the available options and help you choose a solution that matches your existing decor. Call Bumble Bee Blinds at (844) 387-1716 to schedule a free consultation.