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Modern Two-Story Window Treatments Guide: Tips, Trends, and More

Transform modern two-story windows into captivating focal points with the perfect styling. These windows provide rooms with abundant natural light and breathtaking views, becoming true showstoppers when adorned with the right treatments. Discover the right window treatments to achieve your window-covering goals with expert support from our team at Bumble Bee Blinds.

How Do You Cover Two-Story Windows?

Homeowners can enhance the appearance of their two-story windows by pairing layered shades and floor-length drapery panels. This harmonious combination adds depth and dimension to any space. It also provides an opportunity to experiment with various captivating hues and tones.

Professional window treatment designers can help homeowners achieve their home interior goals, whether that be a natural, calming space or a bold, vibrant atmosphere. A designer’s expertise and creativity enable homeowners to effortlessly transform a room's appearance from one style to another.

6 Key Considerations for Functional, Stylish Windows

Window treatment professionals prioritize layering to achieve the desired look for a modern two-story window treatment. Sometimes, they break up the height by incorporating various elements into the middle of the window design.

Another popular window treatment idea involves drapery panels that cover everything, from ceiling to ground. We also like a cornice at the top, complemented by Roman shades in the lower section, all the way to the floor. Homeowners can also use a drapery with a contrasting fabric overlay to add personality and style to the interior design.

In addition to blinds, window covering installers may use a separate drapery panel or a straight valance attached at the top. This approach enhances the window's look and balances its proportions with the room's furnishings.

Before the installers begin planning and setting up the coverings for each room, here are the six things they often need to consider.

1. Custom-Crafted Window Covering

Custom coverings tailored to fit various shapes and sizes are often required for two-story windows. They also allow the designer to select the perfect fabric for each space.

For high, arched windows in shared spaces of the home, designers often leave them completely or partially uncovered to display the natural elegance of the cornice.

2. Multiple Window Treatments Coordination

Blending the right window treatments with existing elements improves cohesion in a room with two-story windows, ensuring a unified visual appeal. A vibrant tropical-citrus color scheme offers a soft touch to the design of bay windows that already possess neutral elements.

Using custom rods will match the bend in walls and bow windows, creating a seamless appearance. Consider Roman shades with colors that match the pattern of the existing draperies, sofa design, flooring, and other window treatments.

3. Finding the Perfect Shades for Multiple Windows

Drawing inspiration from the geometric shapes of lattice-style chairs, homeowners should consider a honeycomb-print fabric to cover their two-story windows. Expert designers recommend using shades with the same fabric for smaller windows to create a coordinated, elegant look.

If residents want to preserve light and maintain an airy ambiance, choose white, unlined draperies for multiple windows to allow in filtered light that gracefully fills the space.

4. Stationary and Motorized Panels

Stationary panels serve only as decorative window coverings because they do not close. Motorized draperies allow homeowners to automate the opening and closing of their window treatments at certain times of day. They can adjust it with the push of a button to protect furniture and floors from damaging UV rays.

Many homeowners prioritize blocking UV rays to protect their family and friends in areas with abundant natural sunlight. Motorized window treatments remain popular, especially for large, hard-to-reach curtains.

5. Fabric Choices

Consider the fabric options carefully to create the perfect window coverings. Longer drapes without the ideal weight may lead to flaring or other uncooperative behavior. Homeowners should also choose fabrics that do not stretch.

For example, wool curtains offer a cozy touch and elegant appearance, making them more popular for some homeowners than linen, which tends to extend. However, if homeowners prefer linen, a blend with synthetic fibers provides more stability. An experienced window treatment designer will often recommend using lightweight wool or a lined sheer fabric.

6. Colors and Prints

Homeowners should look for neutral shades to create a subtle backdrop that will not cause a distraction. While large prints also work, be mindful of their visual impact up close and at a distance.

When using window coverings with prints, choose a curtain with a neutral background, preferably with one or two colors, to achieve a balanced appearance.


How do you put window treatments on arched windows?

To put window treatments on arched windows, installers mount flexible curtain rods onto the window frame. They are adjustable, ensuring a proper fit inside the window arch without the need to create holes in your walls.

What should window treatments match?

Window treatments should match the color of the window trim for a foolproof solution. This approach leans toward neutral shades, like white, beige, or tope, to seamlessly coordinate with other decor.

Is it OK to have different window treatments in the same room?

It is OK to have different window treatments in the same room. However, for adjacent windows, a cleaner, more uniform look is achieved by matching them. Reserve the bold approach of installing different window coverings for a room with walls that are separated in some way.

How do you make window treatments look expensive?

You can make your window treatments look expensive by replacing basic panels with thicker shutters. Adjust the covering size to your room's dimensions and the length of your draperies, aiming for an oversized effect. For a touch of modern sophistication, use blinds with a metallic finish, enhancing the room’s texture to make it more appealing.

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