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Coastal Window Treatment Ideas: Effortless Beach House Style

The coastal style displays a sense of relaxation and comfort. It is an appealing choice for anyone who wants a cozy home. Regardless of the distance from the coast, embracing the coastal style shows an adaptable lifestyle and mindset rather than being tied to a single place. Discover how window treatments help homeowners achieve their beach-themed design.

What Is Coastal Design?

There are many different ways to express coastal design, from the carefree atmosphere of a beach house to the contemporary coastal decor of today. But they all often place a significant value on integrating seaside elements—including the sea, the beach, and the sky—into interior design. Understanding the primary components used to create a coastal ambiance in a house makes it easier to choose window treatments that harmonize well with individual preferences. Key characteristics of the coastal style include:
  • Neutral colors that reflect the beach (sand, sky, and sea)
  • Natural wood construction (shiplap walls, wood furniture, exposed beams)
  • Clean lines and simple patterns
  • Woven textures (rattan, jute)
  • Natural, soft fabrics (cotton, linen)

What Are the Best Coastal Window Treatments?

When choosing a coastal window treatment, homeowners should consider the covering traits and how it will blend with the other features of the interior design. Various window treatments align differently with the coastal style. So, when selecting the perfect coastal window treatment, pick the coverings with a simple design, minimal or no decorations, and a casual ambiance. The chosen window treatment material will transform the place with an authentic coastal-style design. Check out the six most popular coastal window treatments below and achieve a beach-themed house!

1. Faux Wood Shutters

Living close to the sea requires durable window treatments that will withstand the moisture in the air. Faux wood shutters appear as a wise choice in this scenario, offering a practical alternative to genuine wood without the concerns of warping. Their appearance also brings a coastal vibe, allowing homeowners to open them up and let the refreshing sea breeze flow in.

Consider utilizing faux wood shutters designed for coastal settings, capable of withstanding the area's humid conditions. Polysatin shutters resist moisture, mildew, and UV rays, keeping their shine—preventing warping, cracking, fading, chipping, peeling, and discoloration. Some shutters have automation features that allow homeowners to adjust their louvers using a remote control.

2. Woven Wood Shades

Woven shades are perfect for tropical or coastal settings, offering a tactile and visually intriguing element to predominantly white rooms in a coastal home while elegantly sifting sunlight. Artisans carefully create them using top-notch quality and weaving techniques that minimize stretching, bowing, or breaking—making these shades an ideal fit for any beach home. They craft them using natural materials like wood, grass, reeds, or bamboo, which give them a relaxed and organic look that complements coastal décor.

These shades provide a range of customization options for design and orientation, enabling them to open from the top-down, bottom-up, in separate segments, or through motorization. Experts might suggest enhancing homeowner's woven shades with a valance for coastal window charm. A valance crafted from woven bamboo will offer a distinctive touch, elevating the appearance of the living area window treatment.

3. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, distinguished by their hexagonal or honeycomb design, prove an ideal choice for decorating a beachfront abode. Its unique structure helps for effective temperature regulation, helping to cool indoor spaces after a day spent under the sun. Exploring beach-themed curtains and cellular shades becomes a mindful method for optimizing control over natural light.

Cellular shades have various customizable options, including diverse colors and patterns—complementing any maritime design. Fabrics in calming shades of light blue and purple harmonize seamlessly with the cellular shades, providing insulation and producing a luminous, tranquil ambiance fitting any coastal living space.

4. Drapery

Homeowners should consider drapery for their beach house window treatments; it has a variety of colors, patterns, and material options that harmonize with the coastal setting. Window treatment specialists may pair drapery with seaside stripes alongside a warm neutral Roman shade to echo sandy shades or choose tropical blue to introduce oceanic hues indoors.

Curtains and draperies give off a relaxed and flowing vibe that sets them apart from other window treatments. With a wide array of materials and designs, homeowners will have the creative freedom to select a maritime-inspired interior to their preference. Imagine a maritime-themed living room by integrating nautical curtains with rope accents, creating a seaside atmosphere with blackout curtains, or selecting sheer curtains to infuse the living space with a breezy coastal ambiance.

5. Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds make an excellent option for homeowners with a restricted budget. Window treatment specialists may suggest this as a practical alternative to plantation shutters since they fit neatly inside the window frame. This window covering remains an incredible option for homeowners who want wood blinds but live in an area with severe weather. They don't warp from moisture, imitating the attractive appearance of real wood blinds without the high cost, making them a cost-effective option.

6. Solar Shades

Solar shades, well-suited for coastal environments, effectively combat excessive heat and glare, safeguarding against harmful UV rays while allowing an exterior view. The degree of weave tightness will determine the amount of light and UV rays that pass through. Choosing the tightest weave ensures enhanced privacy, controlling outside glare based on the fabric color. Solar shades provide superior management of light and UV rays by blocking the sun's detrimental radiation.

They come in different opacity levels, making them a versatile choice for various spaces and particularly advantageous for sunlit rooms. In coastal interior design, window treatments don't compromise on practicality. Solar shades deliver exceptional UV protection, enriching maritime appearance with a contemporary and sleek design. These shades represent a necessary investment to counteract the detrimental impacts of intense summer sunlight and UV rays on skin and furniture.

Find the Best Coastal Window Treatments at Bumble Bee Blinds

Now that you know the most popular coastal window coverings, you can decide what is best for your windows. Achieve your dream coastal design with the best window treatment from Bumble Bee Blinds. Call 402-925-3112 to schedule a free consultation today!