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Sunroom Window Treatments: Best Ideas for Style and Functionality

Create a beautiful sunroom by installing the latest window treatments. Window treatments offer more than mere aesthetics. The right sunroom window treatment ideas block UV rays and prevent furniture damage from exposure to direct sunlight. Make the sunroom the center of the house by picking the most popular window treatments.

Before Installing Window Treatments

The sunroom acts as an extension of the outdoors while remaining connected to the house. The room receives a lot of natural light and often looks out over a garden or other scenic view. Creating the right ambiance with sunroom window coverings requires careful thought.

Types of Material

If homeowners choose shutters over curtains over blinds, they should refrain from using genuine wood. The sun's powerful rays can cause warping and damage wooden shutters. Faux wood materials offer a more durable alternative. Light-colored drapes or blinds contribute to an open, airy feel while brightening the room.

Easy Maintenance and Operation

A sunroom will often open out into an outdoor area, which means more dust tends to enter the room than other parts of the house. Homeowners should pick drapes and blinds that take little effort to clean or wash. Choosing shutters with broad slats makes it easier to wipe down. Motorized sunroom blinds and shades will also make the task easier.

Insulation Tips

Most sunrooms do not offer much insulation because they have several sunroom windows that allow in the maximum amount of sunlight. So, choosing the right sunroom shades will go a long way toward saving money on utility bills. Property owners can choose blinds that almost completely block the sun’s rays or shades that deliver a slightly obscured panorama.

10 Ideas for Sunroom Window Treatments

The right type of window treatment for a sunroom will protect furniture and lighten the load on the HVAC system of a house. From Roman shades to roller shades, these are the top 10 best sunroom window treatment ideas.

1. Solar Shades

Solar shades top the list of sunroom window coverings. These shades keep out the UV rays and bathe the room in warm, visible light without blocking the view. Solar shades come in subdued colors, soft designs, and various sizes.

2. Plantation Shutters

Most people do not choose plantation shutters as a window treatment for their sunrooms. However, they provide excellent light control and offer complete privacy when closed.

3. Cellular Shades

Besides filtering light and providing privacy, cellular shades also deliver superb energy efficiency. Honeycomb shades on sunroom windows will insulate the room to keep the temperature comfortable throughout the day.

4. UV-Protection Window Film

UV-protection film keeps the harmful rays of the sun at bay, which means homeowners can enjoy the view and the warmth without getting a sunburn. The film saves your furniture and floors from sun damage while providing partial privacy.

5. Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds outsell real wood blinds in a sunroom for various reasons. The blinds cost less and last longer than genuine wood. The faux option offers UV protection that withstands extended periods of direct sunlight.

6. Sheer Curtains and Drapes

Fabric curtains add a welcoming character to a sunroom. A wide selection of colors and textiles allows homeowners to customize the sunroom to their personal taste. Layered curtains protect against the sun’s rays and give the occupants some privacy.

7. Roman Shades

Roman shades add elegance to a sunroom in an unassuming way. Most suitable for tall sunroom windows, Roman shades come in different colors and fabrics, most of which offer some UV protection. Choose cordless motorized Roman shades that require less effort to open and close.

8. Vertical Blinds

In a sunroom, vertical blinds best suit wide windows and sliding doors. This type of sunroom blind opens from the middle or the side. This versatility enables sunlight to pour in during the morning or allows a homeowner to close off one section of the window when it’s too bright.

9. Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades beautify sunrooms with subtle tones. Manufacturers use eco-friendly materials like jute and bamboo to make these sunshades. Homeowners can also have the shades installed so they unfurl and roll up to control light filtering into the sunroom.

10. Roller Shades

Roller shades offer protection from sunlight without overpowering the room or taking up much space. The different fabric thicknesses of Roller shades decide the amount of sunlight that can enter the sunroom. Roller shades with tightly woven material may completely block the view.

Some Useful Suggestions

After going through all the different window treatments for the sunroom, these helpful tips will keep the sunroom cool on a hot summer’s day or allow in the perfect amount of sunlight.

Outdoor Sunshade

Outdoor sunshades offer an extra layer of protection from harsh solar rays when combined with the best window treatments. Retractable shades with a motorized system make it easy to accept the right amount of natural light during the day. Outdoor coverings come in canvas or vinyl fabrics that demonstrate a high tolerance for the sun’s rays.

Divide Up the Window Length

Dividing up tall windows to create two or more levels makes it easy to control the light entering the sunroom. This approach strikes a balance between privacy and natural light because homeowners can close the sunroom blinds on the lower levels while the upper level of the window treatment remains open to allow in sunlight.

Mix and Match

If window coverings with bold colors decorate the sunroom, use furniture that neutralizes the effect. Another approach to interior design involves the use of similar fabrics for both furniture and window treatments.

Are Window Treatments in Sunrooms Worth It? | Bumble Bee Blinds

Window treatments in sunrooms are worth it because they will decorate and insulate the room. Plus, they also regulate the amount of light filtering into the sunroom. Finally, they also help improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills. Our goal involves finding the perfect window treatments for our clients so they can spend more time in the sunroom relaxing or entertaining guests. For roller shades, honeycomb shades, and more, call Bumble Bee Blinds at (888) 541-1030 and book a free consultation today.