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Window Treatments for French Doors: Elegant Choices for Stylish Solutions

Discover the perfect window treatment for your French doors! The design of French doors creates a few special considerations when selecting window coverings due to the door handles and double-leaved construction. Some of the most common solutions do not work for French doors. To assist our readers, we have compiled a list of the top seven window treatments for French doors below.

1. Roman Shades

Enhance your French doors with the understated elegance of Roman shades. These French door window coverings are perfect for a door with top-to-bottom glass because they run its entire length. Their flat construction means they barely stick out from the door at all. Plus, their soft folds work with almost every French door on the market. Roman shades come in various colors, textures, and designs, so they will suit almost any door frame. For rooms with a powerful cross-breeze, hold-down brackets can keep a Roman shade in place. When measuring for new shades, account for the door handle, if possible. Otherwise, a cut-out can help the shade fit behind the knob.

2. Cellular Shades

Regulate the temperature inside the house with highly insulative cellular shades! Cellular shades offer an extremely energy-efficient solution to homeowners looking to decorate their French door windows. The hexagonal cells in these shades provide outstanding insulation against the heat of intense sunlight. The clean lines of these shades complement French doors well and bring natural light into the room, even when closed. Make sure to install hold-down brackets, or the home will lose energy when the shades twist in the wind.

3. Aluminum Mini Blinds

Almost everyone has lived in a home or worked in an office with aluminum blinds. However, few people know that these affordable, durable blinds are one of the best window coverings for French doors that see a lot of use. If kids often run in and out of the house through the French doors, expensive window treatments do not make much sense. On a French door, aluminum mini blinds often need spacer blocks to create separation between the window frame and the headrail. Other than installing those extra bits of hardware, a window treatment expert should have an easy time setting up a homeowner’s aluminum mini blinds.

4. Woven Wood Shades

As one of the least common French door window treatments, woven wood shades see some use near the coasts and in the mountains. Lightweight and affordable, woven wood shades create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with organic materials and natural colors. Install woven wood shades on French doors that open to the backyard or other outdoor area. Interior French doors often call for a more formal window treatment, especially in the dining room. Then again, woven shades are becoming available in more styles by the year, and some modern styles have been incorporated into homes in urban settings.

5. Roller Shades

Roller shades can match any home’s style because they are available in a seemingly endless array of colors, fabrics, and designs. If one room needs some light to filter through the shades, homeowners can find roller shades with almost any opacity. The sleek, clean design of roller shades allows the beauty of the French doors to shine. Their contemporary look and simple functionality make them a favorite for millions of homeowners. Some roller shades may need spacer blocks, depending on the design of the French door. Otherwise, a window treatment expert should face few challenges when installing roller shades.

6. Interior Shutters

Enjoy the simple elegance of interior shutters on French doors. Shutters deliver ample privacy, simplified ease of use, and a classic style. Homeowners can block out the outside world with a flick of the wrist. Fixed shutters on French doors will not swing open and shut or create noise when the wind blows. They can be cut to fit almost any French door, even those with prominent door handles. Add a layer of curtains over top of the shutters for complete privacy.

7. Layered Combos

Enjoy more light control by layering different window treatments together. Millions of homeowners love the extra depth created by pairing blinds and drapes or sheer panels and thick curtains. Layering adds style and versatility to any room because it allows homeowners to choose between two or more levels of privacy and light transmission. Layered combos do not work well with most narrow doors because the decoration tends to overwhelm the thing being decorated. Also, layered combos may seem too formal or otherwise out of place in more casual settings. But they do make a big impression when used on French doors that lead to rooms used for socializing.

Window Treatments That Do Not Suit French Doors

Some window coverings do not work well when installed on these types of doors. The double leaves, high foot traffic, and two door handles create complications that some treatments can not overcome. Some of the rarest coverings seen on double doors include:
  • Vertical blinds
  • Sliding panels
  • Blackout curtains

French Door Window Treatments | Bumble Bee Blinds

Now that you know the top window treatments for French doors, which one will you choose? Our seasoned window covering experts can help you choose the perfect window treatment for the French doors in your home. Call Bumble Bee Blinds at (888) 541-1030 to schedule a free consultation today!